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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Does Canada balance its Social values with its Economic Interests?

It is difficult to balance social and economic priorities. Often in order to improve the country socially, it will harm the country economically, and vise versa. For example a private healthcare sector could help the country economically, but would also likely have negative social effects. Are we doing a good job balancing our social values and economic needs? I think that we have been, at least with a Liberal/NDP government.

When Layton and Martin work together I believe that Canada balances social and economic interests well. For example, we have made great progress in the acceptation of gay marriage rights (which I believe is a positive social movement) with Layton and Martin running the show. To clarify, I know Martin is the Prime Minister and Layton is not, however, for the time that Martin had power, it was due to Layton’s support, therefore, it has been an NDP/Liberal government.

Even with money being spent on social issues like senior’s care and education, our economy isn’t too bad. Yes, we are in dept, but it is a manageable dept. I mean, compared to our friends south of the border, we are in fine shape. Layton and Martin can work well together because Layton will enforce Martin to move forward socially, and Martin will be able to keep Layton under control when it comes to managing the economy financially and the federal budget.

Unlike an NDP/Liberal government, a Bloc/Conservative government would harm the country both economically and socially. Harper would spend less money, but he would also tax less. He would also likely shift a lot of federal spending from departments like provincial support, which leads to better healthcare and education, into the military, which is a poor economic and social move (look at the United States with Bush as opposed to Clinton).

Furthermore, the only issue that the Bloc and the Conservatives agree upon is an increase in provincial independence from the federal government. Other than that, the two parties are socially opposite each other. This would create constant fighting between the Bloc and the Conservatives. Plus, provinces other than Quebec would be unhappy with less federal support. I would say with confidence that these circumstances would not create the ideal Federal government for our country.


  • It is funny you consider our debt to be better then that of the Americans.

    Per capita, our debt is around $17,000 or so. Theirs, per capita, is around $3,000 or so. Our debt to GDP ratio is significantly higher then that of the USA, around 65% compared to 45% as of 2000(see

    By Blogger Greg P, at 10:36 AM  

  • Per capita our dept may be worse, but if you consider that trade and industry wise internationally, Canada is on a more equal level with the US (not equal - but close), then the American dept is worse.

    By Blogger Whatever, at 4:39 PM  

  • That is where the Debt to GDP ratio becomes a nicer number when looking at the straight economics of it, because that takes into account the state of the economy, rather then just population (look at the old USSR for a good example of a high population and an underperforming economy)

    In this case, we are way worse off then the Americans - we owe 65% of what we make as a country per year to others, compared to the Americans owing 45%. Their straight debt level may be higher, however when taking into account virtually any other salient factor (GDP, population), our debt load is far higher.

    By Blogger Greg P, at 5:01 AM  

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