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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Private Healthcare is a road Canada should not take

Throughout federal politics, there has been some discussion of a private healthcare sector within our public healthcare system. This idea is mostly supported by the Conservatives and some Liberals are open minded to it as well. Jack Layton and the federal NDP have been very closed minded on this issue, they do not believe that Canada should have any sort of a private healthcare sector. Layton has taken heat from the public on not considering this issue. I however believe that Layton is right on the topic of private healthcare within Canada and shouldn’t be receiving any negative public impact.

The smallest privatization of healthcare would start a trend that few Canadians would desire. A private sector of healthcare would be very attracting to patients with strong financial means, and physicians with the exceptional skill that richer patients would pay good money to have treat them. The problem is that even if the private sector of healthcare starts small, there is a supply (above-average doctors) and a demand (wealthy patients) for it to grow. This trend would lead to the majority of giftedly skilled physicians to do work in the private sector for more money and the richer proportion of the population to receive pay a lot of money for better, quicker treatment.

The problem however lies back in the public healthcare system. If the skilled doctors choose to work in the private sector, then the public system becomes weak and slow. The problem with a weak private healthcare system and a strong private sector is obvious. The majority of the population would likely still have to use public healthcare. Only now, for those less financially fortunate, their healthcare would be slower and lower quality.

It is not fair for people with financial strength to get quicker and better quality healthcare. This is why the private sector shouldn’t become part of our economy. We are a country that believes in universal healthcare, and more than that, we have believed in and still believe in quality healthcare for everyone, not just the wealthy pocket of the population, that is an American belief, not ours. Layton does not deserve so much heat from the public on being so closed minded on privatization, because it a private healthcare sector is not a path to a better Canada.


  • If private healthcare is so unmanageable then why does France,Germany England and some other countries have both public and private and have low prices and no waiting time. If managed correctly we could spend less money and have a better healthcare model like France.

    By Blogger polytick, at 10:54 PM  

  • To answer your question, a mixed private-public healthcare system can work, however I believe that it would take a very long time for our's work as well as Europe's, and in that time too many people would be hurt. Also the European governments place many limitations on the private healthcare in Europe. I do not think that our government would place limits because a private sector would save money.

    By Blogger Whatever, at 12:20 PM  

  • Maybe I didn't word that right. European healthcare systems started private/public. Ours has always been public and a private sector would be taken advantage of as I describe above.

    By Blogger Whatever, at 5:46 PM  

  • You state, "... I do not think that our government would place limits because a private sector would save money."

    Isn't that a good thing? We have a limited number of dollars to spend on heath care (at this rate, 80% of program spending by the provinces will be on health care by 2035), and so far, throwing money at the problem isn't curing it.

    Canada is only one of three countries in the world where it is illegal for an individual to purchase medically necessary health care - to my mind, that's really not something to be proud of.

    By Blogger Greg P, at 10:27 AM  

  • If it is illegal to purchase treatment, then it cames all people, rich or poor on an equal basis for healthcare. Is it that terrible to treat everyone as important, rather than the rich as more important?

    By Blogger Whatever, at 4:36 PM  

  • So, better for all to suffer equally?

    We are directly on par with North Korea and Cuba - every other country (even the PRC!) allows for individuals to pay for their own medically necessary health care.

    Our health care system is, if I recall correctly, ranked 20th or 30th in the world, as per the WTO. There are people dying on waiting lists every day (for a good take on that, view the 25 minute web film "Dead Meat" (

    By Blogger Greg P, at 5:05 AM  

  • We can't handle anything with our current health care system. Wait lines are long and the liberals cannot be relied upon to fix this problem. Do you think the NDP will get a majority? 12 years and the liberals have done nothing. What makes you think they will do much more about it. This is why privatization has taken a hold because of the cluelessness and incompetency of the current government. Often we Canadians like to think of ourselves as the number one country where everything is provided for the people. Guess what, it's not!

    By Blogger blazer, at 4:02 PM  

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