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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Social Issues? (more on health care and unions)

Ok, about social and economic values. What kind of a country do you want? An economically progressive country with conservatives? Or a socially progressive country with the liberals? I would vote economically progressive. What is a country without a good economy? In a war, you know that for a country to have a bad economy means that they lose the war from lack of resources. To be socially progressive means more money in public works and less money in the businesses. Personally I'd be glad if they were a little even. But by the way the left wing parties are going, it looks as if they want much more money in public sectors. Our friend "whatever", the socialist commie is totally into all money going to public works. Why? Isn't our country already progressive enough? Don't unions already have enough power? Aren't people in Canada already making decent wages?

Now think of the GM situation. What will happen if their workers decide to strike? What is it with them wanting to get better wages. The nerve. Don't they know that to ask for a wage increase and walking off the job could get their jobs placed into another factory where the workers work for less? Or worse the company could go bankrupt? This is an example of where more power for the workers is damaging for the economy. The same has happened with the BCTF and their stint back in Oct. that gave us a 2 week break. The unions in BC are a bunch of corrupt people wanting more money. Everything is about money, no matter what you think. More money for the teachers means more union dues which means more money for them. Going on strike illegally is the risk they needed to take. Even is they get put in jail, they will be hailed as heroes, fighting for the "freedom" of the oppressed people. But wait. Don't they have the 3rd best minimum wage in Canada according to the BC Government statistics? And they also have a maximum wage well above the Canadian average. New wages were already thought up last time that went with inflation. You can't distrust this info. Who pays them? The unions? What are they complaining about? To get a wage increase would just mean more money for the tax payers and more money for an already corrupt union. I know another story of a worker in a steel factory who had good wages and conditions, yet they went on strike. Before you know it, they shut down the factory and most of those people are still out of a job. All they have to do is open up a place where labour is cheap. Screw the disgruntled and spoiled workers. Telus is having a tech support line that comes all the way from India. When I was having a problem with my Dell computer, it wasn't some guy in Toronto who answered, but a person in India who could hardly speak English. These are the kind of things you need to think about when you support the "more workers rights" issue. This isn't the industrial age where people literally "smoke" all day. I think that the new federal government should impose stricter laws on the people.

Privatization of health care is another social issue. Now think of our school system when you say private is bad. Rich people put their kids in school where they are expected to do better than the public schools. They do get better results to a certain extent but sometimes, only sometimes public schools outrank them. Why is this? Did you expect ALL of the good teachers to go to the private system? No, the public place is doing fine with good marks while the teachers have some of the best wages and conditions in the world. Heck, some public teachers get more than private teachers from what I've heard (which is weird). On the health care issue. Privatization is not ALL bad. Yes some doctors will go over to the private sector, that does not mean all good doctors will go. A balance between the private and public sector in health care like the education system would be fine. This would take rich people from the lines of the public hospitals and decrease waiting times while creating a demand for doctors in the public sector thereby fueling the economy. If rich people decide to go private, fine, this isn't a scheme for total privatization and it definitely isn't going to destroy public health care. Don' t the rich still pay taxes? I don't see what's so bad if we balance both.

Some weird communists in this country are so worried about the people of Canada that they don't think of the consequences of their views. Those people think of the NOW. Other people think of the THEN. More money for the people? More taxes. In the end it's all the same so what is the point? And if you do get all you wanted, you could lose your job after your few months of bliss and your job could go to some poor kid in China who will be more than happy to make 1/10 of what you made before. As I said before, we are not in some oppressive regime where the workers get no rights at all. Take a look around in other parts of the world and even the US and you will see.


  • First of all Blaise, just because I'm left wing does not make me a commie. Next, the teachers were underpaid and one of the lowest in the country. Think about it, a seventh or eigth year teacher. Get to school at 8, leave at 4:30, and mark and lesson plan for a couple hours too after all that. And you get paid $45,000 - $50,000 per year, it doesn't seem fair (especially with cost of living in Vancouver). Unions can be greedy, but they are necessary to protect many members of the middle class from abuse. Personally, I think a well off middle class and a millionare who makes 10 mil per year instead of 12 is better than millions of under-priviliaged people.

    By Blogger Whatever, at 4:34 PM  

  • So you say that everything is about money do you Blaise. Well think about the rich and the Conservatives. The rich don't like unions because it forces them to pay their workers fairly. So it's right for people who are already rich to want even more money but it's not right for lower middle class citizens to want more money...

    By Blogger Whatever, at 5:22 PM  

    About teachers. If they knew about the wages of a teacher they should have thought about a career change. And if they are in the middle of their career consider an upgrade. Consider those poor people in other countries who aren't so fortunate. The owners don't like unions because it could be the final straw that destroys the company and perhaps make the company bankrupt.

    By Blogger blazer, at 7:56 PM  

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