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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Values that make Canada great.

What are the values that make Canada a great country? Lets just name a few: freedom, acceptance of all people, kindness (foreign aid from a government stand point), and equality. The Conservatives would try to limit and hurt these values.

First of all freedom and acceptance of all people is a value that the Conservatives do not believe in. The Conservatives proved that they don’t accept all people because of their efforts to make gay marriage and abortion illegal. So yeah, we live in a free country, except that you can’t be gay and you have no freedom over your pregnancy with the Conservatives.

Canada has prided itself on its foreign aid. It’s why if citizens of other countries see a Canadian flag on your back pack while traveling, and tend to be kind to you – Americans know this, its why they pretend be Canadian in Europe by putting Canadian flags on their stuff. I’m sorry, but there is no way that the Conservatives would provide more foreign aid than the Liberals with their tax cuts. So there goes another Canadian value.

Now Canada also believes in equality of people. It’s in our constitution that you can’t discriminate and recently the Supreme Court said that it is illegal to unintentionally discriminate too. Now the Conservatives want to cut healthcare spending and create a private healthcare sector. This would mean that the rich would receive better quality and quicker healthcare than the poor for reasons described in an earlier blog of mine. Now this seems like unintentional discrimination. If you don’t have as much money as someone else, you have to settle for lesser quality healthcare. According to the Supreme Court, this should be illegal.

Those are just a couple of the values that Canada prides its self on. They have been upheld by Liberal governments for years. The Conservatives would not uphold these values. I don’t know, maybe these values listed above are harmful and wrong, but to me, they seem ethical and reasonable, and I don’t see why so many Canadians want a government that would not uphold these values to the same extent as previous governments.


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