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Monday, December 05, 2005

A View on the Election Issues

With the upcoming vote coming up, we have to ask ourselves what we believe in. You would say that I am crazy by stating the obvious but sometimes we do not know ourselves. Only today did I see that to vote for the Liberals would mean larger takeover by the US in the same way the Nazis were given land back through the policy of appeasement. Democrats in the US are described as cowards and traitors, all the Republicans have to do is "just dub someone a liberal and that is the end of that loser"(Dude Where's...Michael Moore). The same issue is in Canada only the Liberals have been accepted because of the rush of progressive people from the South and the middle leaning people from the other side of the Pacific. As you could see in the softwood lumber dispute, our government had a hard time trying to get the US to pay money for the "illegal" tariffs placed. With a conservative government in place, this would not have happened. They know how to take the initiative and lead the combat in politics.

Conservatives have shown that they can lead without spending too much money. The problem with our left wing Grits today is that they over tax and in the end they have a large surplus which, although people say is a result of good government spending, is a result of the overtaxation of the people. NDP Leader Jack Layton has laid out his ideas on the public health care system and "more money in the pockets of every citizen". He gives out the idea that he will be bankrupting Canada. And if this doesn't happen, where will the money come from then? More public spending would mean more of those blasted taxes. Not exactly the best message. The new idea of the Conservatives to cut the GST to 5% is a good idea that will put money in the pockets of all people regardless of how much income they get. Paul Martin is proposing tax cuts but what will that do for people who pay income tax? Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives say 32% of Canadian tax filers pay no income tax. What good will the tax cut do for them? This cut is a cut for everybody. The idea of Paul Martin defending the tax he swore to get rid of in 1993 is a laughable idea. Just remember that the Liberals were the ones who tried to bribe voters with billions of dollars and they call themselves "sound fiscal managers"?

Canada's law enforcement is also a failing issue. While Martin was snoozing, Harper was giving his views of the issues at hand so far including drug and law enforcement. I know myself that I will never use harmful drugs, do you know why? I was educated and I was told the consequences. I don't think that people would like being in debt for drug money and then spend the rest of their days on the streets panhandling. Our current government is NOT tracking down the people who sell drugs and they wouldn't care less is more people got hooked on the killer drugs. With the social stance the NDP take, I'm sure they wouldn't object to the legalization of marijuana. This means that youths will be encouraged to take drugs and there will be no way stop them from doing drugs. Generally, in the minds of most people, more drugs means more violence. If our own communities on the North Shore are infested with drug addicts, think of what it is like in the slums of our own Vancouver. I am glad to live and grow up in a good community where streets are safe, or at least, a somewhat more safe and secure place than most other places. And what about those people who aren't so lucky? We need to help the Average Joe and Bob and Mary. Once again, the government needs to take a stand on the way they enforce their policies so that people can be stopped and educated before it is too late.

Health Care, the system that makes Canada unique, is failing. Not long ago, my grandmother had to be transferred from hospital to hospital, sometimes she didn't get the right doctor and was diagnosed with the wrong type of injury. I have heard of people on long waiting lists to get surgery sometimes waiting weeks, mostly months. No wonder people are switching to private health care! The fact is that the Liberals have been presiding for 12 years over a crumbling health care system and have not made many significant changes to it thereby allowing privatization to seep in. People get old and we are entering the time when the baby boomer age is starting to get old. We definitely can't rely on the Liberal Government to handle this situation. Not everyone can afford a family doctor. What will happen with those people? The current health care system simply cannot handle them.

All of these issues to change, and Stephen Harper has introduced an assertive plan of action to fix the problems of everyday Canadians which will NOT take more money and will solve the issues at hand.

Ed Note: This article was written by Blazer, I just posted it


  • Some points, but yet you fail to see that a Conservative government may not do all the good your saying. First of, if the rich get access to an efficient private healthcare, it just makes the public healthcare for everyone else worse - which means people like your grandmother who aren't as wealthy will suffer even more. You also make no back up argument to why the Conservatives would handle the softwood lumber dispute better. And you fail to mention that the Conservatives would bring social issues such as gay marriage rights to the table again, why should gays be prosecuted. You also fail to mention that while the Conservatives cut taxes, they cut spending in every sector except for the military. Wow, there's a great idea for spending tax dollars. Throw it into the military of a country that's supposed to be peaceful.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:47 PM  

  • You know Blaise I have too many thing to debate now, but I'm just going to comment on two points. First point, the Liberal governmnet is not tracking down the drug dealers. Well, if they did, think of the cost of the resources that qould require. Is it worth so much money to catch drug dealers - it's not going to stop the drug problem. Second point you said that no everyone can afford a family doctor, and we can't leave our public healthcare to deal witht that. Well if a family can't afford a family doctor, how in the world is a private healthcare system that costs patients more money going to help?

    By Blogger Whatever, at 8:12 PM  

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