Decision Canada 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006

all candidates meeting w van library

At the all candidates meeting, the Green party, the Conservatives, the Communist, the Liberal, and NDP parties gave opening statements, closing statements and answered questions. The Communist Party candidate was brave but did not sway any votes. The NDP Zimmerman did an articulate job, Blair Wilson did a so so job, Weston did a so so job and the Green did a reasonable job. Both Wilson and Weston spoke too far away from the microphone. You could hear what they said but the emphasis and the punch was not there. Weston spoke like a lawyer and did not make any mistakes, and occasionally engaged the audience. Wilson engaged the audience more but lost his delivery when he often turned his head to speak to the audience on the second floor. Wilson stuck his foot in his mouth twice. He said something unwise twice. Using the notwithstanding clause to state the conservatives will repeal abortion and other laws was a big mistake. Even Liberal voters had to snicker when he said that. Using scare tatics against the conservatives in an educated public meeting was Wilson's mistake. He should have kept on emphasizing what good he would do regardless of the policy of the Martin liberals. He was doing well until he used the scare tatics. He sounded like a credible candidate. Until he blew it. The NDP was business like and would not take any guff from any questions. She sounded like a credible candidate. The Green candidate had some good and some not so practical ideas. When I entered the meeting my opinion of Wilson was high and Weston moderate. After hearing Wilson sound like a Martin toady repeating party lines, he lost a lot of the credibility that I had for him and the hard work he put in the last election. Granted he had a lot to overcome from the scandals in Ottawa, and was doing well enough for me to vote for him. Then he spouted off like a Martin mouthpiece.


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