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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Comedy that is Liberal

Wow. Now I’ve seen everything. The Liberals are trying to argue that the Conservatives’ budget numbers aren’t up to snuff. That’s hilarious. No, really, the party that has underestimated the expected surplus in every budget in this millennium is complaining that another political party cannot budget properly.

And, to add fuel to the fire, Ralph Goodale took a break from leaking sensitive government material to suggest that a Conservative government would have to cut programs in order to realize their vision of a smaller government, without running a deficit. Well, no sh*t, Sherlock. Definition of smaller: “Being below the average in size or magnitude, Limited in degree or scope”. A Smaller government, by definition, would be, well, smaller. Jeez, Goodale (or somebody in the Liberal war room) took their smart pills today.

On another note, the Liberals are beating the values drum again. Martin stated that, “Fundamentally it will come down, I believe, to the very deep value differences between the two parties… And those value differences become more and manifest with every day” Judging from scandal after scandal after scandal from the Liberals… yeah, there are some value differences there. Conservatives would treat taxpayer dollars with the same consideration as they do their own, Liberals can’t tell the difference between taxpayer dollars and their own.

Martin went on today to say, “I believe that both Kyoto and the wider environmental agenda is very, very much in line with where Canadian thinking is. Mr. Harper doesn't agree. I think Canadians are going to take that into account”. Ahh, the Kyoto drum again. The Conservatives don’t support Kyoto – that’s pretty clear. That isn’t to say that the Conservatives don’t support the Environment – rather, the Conservatives want to support the Environment in an economically feasible manner. Instead of buying hot air credits from Russia (which will do, say, our smog problem, a crapload of good), the Conservatives want to improve the environment by increasing the amount of ethanol in our gasoline, and increasing the usage of mass transport. The Liberals… well, they’re content to talk about Kyoto while seeing our greenhouse gas emissions go up. I don’t agree with Kyoto but, if somebody is going to talk the talk, they should walk the walk. Kind of like cutting the GST, right Paul?

I'd suggest that the Liberals be made into a TV Movie that could count towards the Canadian content requirements - but... that won't work, because of star candidate Ignatieff and Canada Steamship Lines.


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