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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Detail About Green Party Policy Critique

I did focus on the negative aspects, however I didn’t see any strongly positive ideas from the Green Party – at least, nothing that stood out in my mind as something better then proposals from one (or more) major parties. I was also trying to keep the post nice and short. Some comments to add to yours:

1) Canada is the world’s leading uranium producer – all from Saskatchewan. In 2004 they exported around $800 million of uranium – that’s a lot of money that would no longer be in the provincial coffers (through taxation at various levels), and a lot of people that would have to fill the “green-collar” jobs

2) The NEP was Trudeau’s National Energy Plan – to make a long story short he tried to force the West to sell to the rest of Canada at lower-than-market rates – that lead to a huge recession in Alberta.

3) If we are taking what is now the consumer gas tax, and applying it to the oil companies in a revenue-neutral manner, emissions won’t be reduced directly – rather, competition in the industry will be reduced, leading to higher prices at the pump and less people able to afford to drive.

4) More and more are putting up their own solar panels or windmills within cities – heck, some even put water in their attics and heat it via solar power rather then a gas or electric water heater. It’s not that difficult to do – and even doing that alone will reduce their tax bill under the Green’s plan, while getting the same services as everybody else.

5) If that’s all they’re going after – I agree with you, it should be equal pay for equal work, period.

8) This makes them sound somewhat ignorant about firearms – but, it’s the stance that everybody but the Liberals is taking right now.

9) Personally, I’d love to see an elimination of all Canadian content regulations – make our artists compare on a level playing ground, and maybe we’ll see some of our shows on American TV. Right now they have a guaranteed audience, so there isn’t as much of a requirement to make the programming… good.

10) I agree – and, I love private health care. I have no problem with people paying for their own health care, except for the dishonesty by some politicians regarding it.

11) If I want to smoke, what business of the Government’s is it? The estimated $3 billion in tobacco-related illness is already offset by the $3.3 billion collected in tobacco taxes (not to mention the double taxation much as we see right now on gasoline). I would much rather have that $300,000 million in my pocket to, oh, help pay for going on Zyban to quit smoking. You talk about large portions at fast food restaurants – if you don’t like it, BUY A SMALL! Nobody is being forced to super-size their Coke at McDonalds, the option is there to buy a small or, if you want a lot to drink, have a Diet Coke. The “Super-Size Me” (the main movie that showed to people that “McDonalds is Bad!”)science is complete and utter bunk – you can eat there every day and not become unhealthy. Even if you super-size every time, just drink Diet Coke instead of regular, have a salad instead of fries, and have some of the healthier items on the menu.

12) It’s simple economic theory – if the productive hours go down, and the rate of production stays the same, the overall productivity will decrease. That lower income (less goods from the company) will either result in lower pay for the employees, or lower profits (to the point of a loss at times) for the employer.

13) I agree with recognition of foreign credentials, it is asinine to have MD’s, engineers, and other professionals driving taxis because their certificate/degree is in another language. What I disagree with is racially-motivated hiring – like I said before, hire the best person for the job, end of story.


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