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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Worst. Ad. Ever.

Canadians have seen plenty of dirty attack ads over the years, from both sides of the spectrum. This one will take the prize for dirtiest ad ever.

The Liberals went beyond attacking Steven Harper in this ad – they attacked our men and women in uniform. Our military was compared to that of one of those developing nation militaries that randomly overthrows the Government.

I’m pissed. These people have risked their lives to guarantee our rights – and the Liberals repay them with not only shoddy equipment, but now with outright insults.

To make this story even better, John Duffy apparently tried to intimidate Mike Duffy into not running or discussing the ad during the post-debate commentary last night. God knows, I don’t always agree with what Mike Duffy has to say – but his “we will not be intimidated” line was bang on. Hopefully he speaks for the Canadian people.

The Liberals want us now to “Choose (our) Canada”. Ok, I choose the Canada where we respect those that vow to defend us (military), properly equip those that try to protect us (police, customs agents), thank those that try to help us (whistleblower legislation), and do it all without stealing our money. There is only one party that has promised to deliver on all these, and that’s the Conservative Party of Canada.

You can view the attack ad, plus John Duffy vs. Mike Duffy, here.


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