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Friday, January 06, 2006

Yet Another Liberal Scandal!

On the heels of ITscam (Goodale-gate? Finance Fraud? Suggest your snappy name now!), and Options Canada, comes yet another scandal. Angry in the Great White North provides an excellent play-by-play of the Liberal Government paying a Liberal lobbyist to lobby a Liberal Government. And, part of that lobby fee just may have ended back up in the LPC’s coffers!

I’m still trying to get this straight – the Justice Department paid the Coalition for Gun Control to hire a lobbyist to lobby the solicitor general, the Treasury Board, and the Privy Council. That Lobbyist is a Deputy National Director of the federal Liberal Party, and is a senior consultant with lobby company “Capital Hill Group”. The Capital Hill Group, by the way, donated over $135,000 to the Liberal Party between 1993 and 2003.

I always thought that part of the $69,200 that Ministers were paid in addition to their parliamentary pay was in order to lobby their fellow cabinet members. Shouldn’t the Minister of Justice, instead of paying over $100,000/year for a professional lobbyist, have been talking to his colleagues in Cabinet?

This scandal a day proposal has some pundits wondering, should the RCMP set up a branch office at the Liberal Party of Canada’s headquarters? This should get support from all parties, not only does it help to get Canadian’s money back, but it also cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions as they wouldn’t have to drive from RCMP Headquarters to LPC Headquarters.


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