Decision Canada 2006

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Come on Harper, we need to know who the "stars" are...

Today Harper brought in a huge list of "star" candidates and paraded them behind him for your typical "stop Liberal corruption" speech yet didn't name a single candidate. How are you expected to want to vote for someone if you don't even know their names.

PR 101 Harper, yet the people know who you are running and let them provide some answers to questions. You have 0 chance of getting any educated voices if you don't.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The first poll

An Ipsos Reid poll for Global National revealed the first poll results of this young campgain today: is the URL.

Liberals: 31%
Conservatives: 31%
NDP: 18%
Green: 5%

1,000 person sample, +/-3.1% 19/20

It looks like we're in for a wild campgain!

Who cares who forced the election

Turn on the mainstream media and we constantly hear people talking about "who caused the election?" Does it matter who caused the election. Should the parties who forced the election be viewed as "people who want to ruin the holidays" and should people vote accordingly?

The democratic process is one of the most important ones that exists within a free country. Yes, it will be snowing during the winter. Yes, it is the holiday season. All days consist of 24 hours, there is not a huge difference between them..

Regardless of the conditions, everyone needs to get out and vote. Yes, it may be icy and snowing - that's why we have advance polls and more.

Stop complaining about the election and spend a little bit of time, read this blog, and help make an educated decision ensure that millions of Canadians didn't die fighting for nothing.

Welcome to Decision Canada 2006

We are just under 53 days until Canada votes in 2006 federally, this is the place where I'm going to post dicussions, debates and more leading up to the 2006 federal election.

(photo: fatal Cleopatra)