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Monday, December 05, 2005

Harper allocates $200 per family for child care

Today Conservative leader Stephen Harper announced an $100 allowance per year for Canadian children under the age of six. In comparison, Martin's Liberals have not released any statements regarding child care this year - last election they announced $5 Billion for Quebec style community child care centers.

I think both plans have merit here but I'm leaning towards the Harper plan. There are many more options for child care than just group centers. Teenage babysitters, play groups, pool programs etc all offer flexible options for taking care of our youngest citizens.

The only fear I have with Harper's proposal is that parents would spend the money on unrelated items such as a dinner out, hockey tickets etc, stuff that isn't for the children the program is intended to be for.

Maybe a "child care voucher" system might work, providing the money in a form of vouchers that could go to child care providers.


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