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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

BC's "key ridings" - our predictions

With BC playing a huge role this time around, our predictions man JL whipped up a powerpoint of all of the lower mainland.

Vancouver-Centre (Incumbent: Hedy Fry)

This is one of the only ridings where I don’t select anyone. Hedy Fry is not the type of person I would like to see (again) in Parliament, she just isn’t that useful. While Svend Robinson cannot gain the trust of the constituents after the infamous “ring incident”.

Prediction: Liberal

Vancouver-East (Incumbent: Libby Davies)

What more can I say, NDP blow-out. The poor Liberal here, David Haggard doesn’t have a shot. I quite like Davies, but I believe she’s in the wrong party.

Prediction: NDP

Vancouver-Kingsway (Incumbent: David Emerson)
This will be certainly be a riding to watch, where we could see the fall of a prominent Liberal cabinet minister (Emerson). I believe the Conservatives will give this riding to the New Democrats. There has been quite a demographic switch which benefits the NDP.

Prediction: NDP

Vancouver-Quadra (Incumbent: Stephen Owen)

While I believe the Conservative, Stephen Rogers will give the Liberals a scare, the Grits will retain this riding again. In 2004, Rogers lost by over 10,000 votes which I believe will be reduced to around 4,000-5,000 this time around.

Prediction: Liberal

Vancouver-South (Incumbent: Ujjal Dosanjh)

I don’t see how anybody in their right minds would ever vote for the premier that sunk BC to the lowest level. But that’s just my opinion. He’ll win.

Prediction: Liberal

Burnaby-Douglas (Incumbent: Bill Siskay)

This is THE Lower Mainland riding to watch. What some would call a three-way race. I truly believe it’s only between the Liberals and Siskay, who I see being re-elected after good work in Ottawa.

Prediction: NDP
Burnaby-New Westminster (Incumbent: Peter Julian)

Another fairly close race to watch. The NDP incumbent faces a big challenge. But he’ll be re-elected if the voters have any sense. Peter’s a great guy and a hard worker.
Prediction: NDP
North Vancouver (Incumbent: Don Bell)

This riding to me is what I call a “False Alarm”. In this case, voters are saying this will be a super close race. On election night, that will be proven wrong, and Don Bell will walk away with a large chunk of the Tory vote because of Silver’s flip-flopping views on many important issues.
Prediction: Liberal
West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast (Incumbent: John Reynolds, retiring)

Again, this could play out to be a “False Alarm”. Wilson hasn’t stopped campaigning since he was narrowly defeated back in 2004 and his chances are much better now that the NDP doesn’t look like it will take much of the Sunshine Coast.

Prediction: Liberal

South Surrey -White Rock -Cloverdale (Incumbent: Russ Hiebert)

While this riding has been said as being closer than we think. Conservative voters in White Rock come out strong on election day. Judy Higginbotham, who ran against him last election, was a much stronger candidate than Jim McMurty.
Prediction: Conservative


  • I'd be glad to answer any questions regarding my predictions.

    By Blogger A Teenager Who Cares, at 9:48 PM  

  • Having mailed my absentee ballot for Don Bell in North Vancouver, I hope your prediction is correct.

    Nice blog concept.

    By Blogger Milan, at 1:31 PM  

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