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Friday, December 09, 2005

Harper attacks Liberals over seniors' funding

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper made an announcement regarding pensions today but the topic quickly changed to the latest information leaked regarding the Liberal's platform regarding income taxes and the lack of change on taxes involved with them.

As usual, we have a call for a resignation over something we don't know or understand. Leaks happen, it might have been an intentional leak, it also could have been false information. We simply do no know.

Harper's attack on the leak consisted of "Remember, it was the Liberals who threatened to tax income trusts," Harper said. "This was a direct attack on the retirement incomes of millions of Canadians. And when the government changed its mind, it now appears that it was again privileged insiders, not ordinary seniors, who benefited."

Trading was up on income trusts, leading to allegations that people were profiting on the insider information.

Now for Harper's actual statement (copied from

The Conservatives, he said, would work for the benefit of seniors by protecting all existing public pension plans, and by doubling the amount of pension money they can shelter from taxes.

That amount would go up to $2,000 in 2006, he said, and would be raised further to $2,500 over time.

Harper said the promise is worth $2.2 billion over five years.

As well, he said, a Conservative government would create a national seniors council to advise the minister responsible for seniors.


As usual we have the usual political statements. I think we do have some very valid ideas in Harper's plan, the question is would he follow through with it, or would he simply "forget" about such a plan.


  • This is one issue that I think the Conservatives are on the right track on. Lowering taxes for seniors is great, and the amount of money seniors have is really up to how much they saved in the past, not government pension.

    By Blogger Whatever, at 6:30 PM  

  • Liberals attack Conservatives on their issues and Conservatives attack Liberals on their issues. There is always a way to find the loopholes and weak points of these plans. I'm tired. Thats all for tonight.

    By Blogger blazer, at 7:54 PM  

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