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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Your vote: $1.75, it would have gone on eBay for $20

Currently, each political party gets $1.75 CAD for every single vote cast for them in the election. I often read the oddities section of the newspaper, here's the Decision Canada oddity of the day.

Someone in Quebec put up an auction for 1 vote in the federal election. There were 17 bids cast reaching $20 before Elections Canada found out and stopped the bidding. Yes, it is illegal to trade/sell votes in Canada, so don't try.

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In a related story Larry Zepp, a Green Party candidate in Prince Albert, SK is running his campaign in zero, nada, zip, $0 dollars. What an idea, why not use the media to get your message across, isn't that what it exists for? Why should we be using taxpayers money for TV attack ads, 50 million signs that we get tired of looking at. Let's see campaigns run without taxpayers money!!!

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