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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A real threat to Canada...... the Liberal admakers!

After the "Worst Ad Ever" - the blogosphere is full of parody ads mocking this pretty disgusting ad.

First of all, here's what gets to me about the Liberal ad.

Soldiers have guns. Wow, so do police officers, some security guards and members of the public. In the US, they even have soldiers on duty with guns!!! in the airports. If I understand it correctly, Harper's plan is to have an emergency response force in every Canadian city and I think it's a great idea.

I live in Vancouver, Canada's 3rd largest city. We don't have any troops on the lower mainland, the closest Canadian Forces are over on Vancouver Island, a good 45 min flying time away, of course, that's an air squadron that sometimes is not equipped for what we need.

Say we have a mudslide or a major avalance. We could use our city's military personell to help dig out and help with the rescue operation. If we have a crisis, we need people to help NOW, not to wait for them to fly in from Edmonton (a good hours plus flying time away.) With the Olympic games coming in 2010, we're going to need all of the security help we can get anyways, why not have a group here to help for anything else that comes up.

So, here's a funny spoof from the Colbert Report (this is NOT on TV, it's not that "report"


  • I am curious about your statement that there is no military presence in Vancouver. There are 6 reserve units in the Greater Vancouver area
    Including Field Engineers and Medics. All of these men and women are well trained and prepared to respond to an emergency. Upon entry they all swore oaths to serve this country in time of need.

    Don't sell us short, huh?

    By Anonymous Alan, at 3:15 AM  

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