Decision Canada 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why are the Liberals using the same style attack ads as the "Soldiers with Guns" ad?

It seems rather foolish to me to use an ad in the style of one that was panned severely by the Canadian public.

The ad that started it all, of course is "Soldiers with guns in Canadian cities, we are not making this up." It has been described as "the worst ad ever" according to Greg P and a lot of bloggers, people on the street and mainstream media people alike.


Why are the Liberals using something that they know is going to spark a negative reaction. I don't like the new ads, they've gotten an 0/5 on the ad review scale. I really don't really want to know how evil the other guy is, I can figure that out for myself without you screaming it at me in 30 million ads every show!

So, will the Liberals smarten up on their ad strategy and try something positive. It's going to take one crazy campaign for the Liberals to mount a comeback, they're starting off on the wrong foot!

On another ad note, the NDP ads finally attack both the Liberals and the Conservatives, but being an attack ad, it gets an automatic 0/5 on my ratings scale.

This has been one of the dirtiest campaigns I have ever seen with respect to ads, one would think we're in an election south of the 49th! It really is the style we started to see in presidential elections!


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