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Friday, December 09, 2005

Ads review #1

We are one week into the run and we just received the first NDP ads. Now that we have all 3 parties ads, here's Decision Canada's review by it's panel of one judge (me)

Conservative: Scripted "news interview" - the anchor looks like she is reading off a teleprompter the whole time, it seems a little fake. The message does make sense, though it is very conveniently packaged and doesn't imitate a real news program at all. **

Liberal: Very open, they almost look like they are produced by somebody walking around with a camcorder. Seems to give the real Canadian approach, not someone in a suit yapping on forever. **1/2

NDP: The classic American style "attack ad" - very similar in scope to the ads the Conservatives presented last election, may work with some people but overall is way to negative and may discourage voters. **

This will be a weekly feature reviewing the ads of the week. We will introduce a bigger panel soon, if you are interested in joining the Decision Canada ad panel, email us @


  • "Real Canadian approach", eh? Try Liberal. I'm surprised I missed the Dhalla connection; so obvious.

    And before you scream "bias", notice at the bottom that the research was done by the Ottawa Citizen. Which is owned by Izzy Asper. Who is a big-L Liberal.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:33 PM  

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