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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Harper's Toronto Centric Government

Today Conservative leader made a mistake almost bigger than the Liberal's "Soldiers, with guns" ad. Harper said "We want Toronto to be part of the truly national government we are asking Canadians to give us," - Wait a second.

Harper is the leader of a party that traditionally derived it's support from the western provinces. To many western based Canadians, Harper's statement is a kick in the face.

How would a Conservative government that has put a strong emphasis on Toronto help end western alienation? Harper just turned a lot of western voters off the Conservative Party. Are we simply going to replace one eastern centric government with another?

Don't take your powerbase for granted, BC is a huge battleground this election. Telling BC that Toronto is #1 on your priority is telling us that you will suck up to Toronto and not give a rip about the rest of the country.

A government that focuses on Toronto isn't a government for me! At least the Liberals did not make a statement essentially calling Toronto the "center of the universe."

Sweet move Harper, great job! You haven't been in BC in ages. Mr Martin is spending a LOT more time in BC than you are. Why do you insult your core voters?

So Mr Harper, I ask you. What will you do to ensure that the west recieves it's fair share. Toronto is NOT the center of the universe, Canada is a big country, don't sell the rest of the country for one city!


  • Yeah, we reluctantly admit we're not the centre of the universe, but...

    Toronto has elected Liberals in every single riding for upteen elections, and every single time, they actually think their MPs will represent them -- THIS time. The only time that has happened was after Jack Layton got in. HE got us badly needed transit funding; HE represented the needs of our literally crumbling city in Ottawa. It is a total myth that Toronto has had any influence, say, or participation in the federal government -- all those photo ops showing federal dollars pouring into our city, they're a total crock, has not happened -- it's a testament to our collective stupidity that Toronto has not voted any other party into office since 1993 except for Layton.

    Harper knows this; he knows that smart Torontonians who want their voices heard in Ottawa are FINALLY looking outside the Liberal camp. You want to talk about Western alienation...I think I'd better stop now before I blow a gasket! But I've been thinking about voting patterns and hopefully will get a chance to write about it this week-end.

    By Blogger talk talk talk, at 6:14 PM  

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