Decision Canada 2006

Monday, January 16, 2006

How big is the vote split going to be

With NDP leader Jack Layton calling on Liberal voters to support the NDP this time around to do exactly what - give the Conservatives a majority. Layton's line was "Lend us your vote while the party you have supported in the past cleans itself up,"

It simply doesn't make sense for a Liberal voter to vote NDP. In most ridings the Liberals will still be a close second, giving your vote to the NDP will ensure that the Conservative candidate wins.

Sure, Layton may be going for the $1.75 per vote he gets - however, it seems far more likely that he could form a coalition government with the Liberals.

That is the issue I'm thinking about, a coalition government with the NDP. It's possible, it would be interesting to see. I think I'd like to see it. How about you (sorry, no yes/no today)


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