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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Is the best thing for the Liberals to get wiped out and start fresh?

Current trends are pointing to Harper getting a fairly strong (~178 seat) majority government. In that scenario, the Liberals would be almost wiped off the map.

The question is simple. Is the best thing for the Liberal Party? In British Columbia, the provincial NDP party was almost wiped out going from a majority government to 2 seats. What happened during the lapse is the NDP found a way to shed a new light on itself. The "old" NDP was basically organized labour - the "new" NDP attempts to include more business and not be nearly as hard-line socialist as they were. In short, they have become more of a mainstream party and less of a "far leaning" party. With their new more centrist policies, the BC government is able to co-operate on some key issues and it works fairly well.

If the Liberals get wiped out it's highly likely that Paul Martin will not be running at the helm of the party next time around. Would new leadership - leadership that has no connection in any way shape or form to the "scandal" reform (no pun intended) the Liberal party?

It's happened before - this might be the best thing for Canadians possible - a new stronger and hopefully more ethical Liberal party.

I'm not saying that Liberal candidates are bad, in fact, I am strongly considering voting Liberal for the candidate as the Conservative candidate would not return the Decision Canada's team's requests for comments.

So, in short, vote for the candidate. All of the parties will mash up regardless, so go for who will best represent you, the Canadian!


  • Yes -- the best thing for the Liberals is to get wiped out and start fresh -- only a change of leader by itself will not do it . . . change needs to go much deeper and I think they will need more than just a few months to revive themselves.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 PM  

  • The liberals don't need to get wiped out for paul martin to get the boot. As an invloved member of the liberal party, i can guarantee you the martin will not survive even a harper minority. All the part needs is a leadership change, and they will be right back in the running next election, there is a reason the liberals have been in power for 70 of the last 100 years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:13 AM  

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