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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ad Battles Continue in Quebec

Update on the LNI vs. the Liberals, and other issues pertaining to ads in Quebec.

The Union of Artists has thrown its support behind the LNI. They agree with the LNI's claim (that their rights in the intellectual property of the Improv games have been violated. Now they've got a lawyer and they're grandstanding.
Picking up on an important issue mentioned thus far only in sidelines, today's La Presse editorializes that the principal reason for all this hemming and hawing is that the LNI and its members' entourages are generally separatists, and thus want to fight the Libs.
The passing newspaper references to the LNItes support for the Bloc became increasingly noticeable, but today's editorial puts things in perspective saying that its basically friends trying to steer their friends away from helping the enemy. It sounds logical, because if this push was really just about getting paid, there wouldn't be this repeated demand for the ads to be pulled, and furthermore, the LNI wouldn't have rented its place out to begin with. It's not like their set is some generic backdrop. You see the thing, and you know it's the Improv' artists' place.
In other news, the Conservative candidate running for the riding of Pontiac has dared, believe it or not, to put up unilingual ENGLISH signs. Naturally, anti-anglo hardasses are whining and 'demanding' that the signs be removed, stating that if there are going to be any unilingual signs, they ought to be in French. Ironically, those guardians of French orthodoxy, the Office Quebecois de la Langue Francaise, have ruled the signs to be legal. The Conservative candidate has said he has no intention of removing the signs, and to be quite honest, considering Pontiac's significant anglophone population, he's right.
Doubtful any CPC running in Quebec will get elected, but he's right on the issue, at any rate.
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