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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Martin on Bush

Over the last few days, Liberal leader Paul Martin has had one attack after another attack after another attack on the United States, especially President George W. Bush.

The US has not been exactly nice and many many Canadians are not very happy with our friends down south. We are experiencing major turmoil with Canada leaning one way and the US another. Canadians are not happy about Iraq, Canadians are sure not happy about way the Americans have cheated Canada on the softwood lumber dispute.

Naturally, the US needs to recognize climate change, Bush's policy is a joke and Martin does need to take a stance. As the recipients of most of the pollution coming out of the US, Canadians have a right to demand that the US agrees with an international treaty (that has still yet to be signed by the US) that helps propose a solution. The US is a joke with their lack of respecting the fact that global warming happens, and someone needs to give them a kick in the pants.

However, Martin's plan of attacking the US may have some problems down the road. As much as Canada may like to see the Bush administration gone, it's not going to happen for a few years unless a miracle happens, and granted some of Bush's previous attitudes, insulting him is going to bring nothing but bad for Canada.

Martin's strategy is making Canadians happy, but over the long run, it's going to put Canada-US relations even further down the drain, something that isn't going to help Canadians!


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