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Saturday, December 10, 2005

One tax cut promise after another, we're not buying it Harper!

It seems within the last week, Conservative leader Stephen Harper has been making one tax cut announcement after another tax cut after another tax cut.

The problem is, we're not buying it.

Canada's economy is fairly stable but who knows how it will last. With our aging population we will require more and more funding for health care and other services seniors require however with many of the tax cut promises, seniors won't be putting in as much money into the tax pool as before.

We simply can't afford such tax cuts. Canada's deficit is still way too large, we need to pay it down to make sure we are fiscally stable. While I admit, we are not in as bad of shape as our friends to the south, Canada still is way too deep in the red!

What we need to do is figure out ways to streamline operations, ensure that we don't have government waste on the books and then look at tax cuts once we have enough income to do it. There is still far too much red tape and bloat in the government and that needs to stop. Focus on the issues before promising rosy tax cuts that you can't deliver on please!


  • I agree, everyone says that "Oh, the NDP can't manage a budget - our economy will fall for certain with them", but how about the Conservatives. They've promised day care funding, senior's care, but they've also promised many tax cuts. Where's the money going to come from to pay for these services. Layton's budget may have a lot of expenses, but Harper's doesn't have much income. It doesn't look like the economy would fari better with either one in power.

    By Blogger Whatever, at 3:54 PM  

  • Tax reductions have the nice effect of stimulating economic activity. With a reduction in income taxes, people have more money with which to save or spend. With consumption tax reductions, people have more purchasing power. The increase in goods purchased leads to more jobs (these goods have to be produced, right?) With more man-hours of work being put in (and presumably, more jobs), we have more people paying income tax (or the same number paying more tax), companies paying more in payroll and business taxes, and more purchases being subject to consumption tax.

    The Conservative plan also entails getting rid of some of the useless buerocracy, for example the $2b gun-registry boondoggle. I have a feeling they'll cut some of the other asinine expenditures, for example the hundreds of millions (or is it billions, now? A lot of written questions died on the order paper) spent when various departments changed their name for no reason.

    Be careful when you talk about debt reduction - other then servicing charges, Martin's Liberals have not budgeted money towards debt repayment - any money that goes there is left over in the emergency fund, or from a surplus, etc.

    By Blogger Greg P, at 10:00 AM  

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