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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Out in Quebec, On My Street Corner

Well, things have been pretty interesting here in the francophone province since my last post.
!) M. Alain Dubuc, of La Presse, has written an article that isn't anti-Harper! It even sanctions him to the extent of saying that his views on decentralizing power from Ottawa, allowing Quebec a presence on the international scene in certain areas (delineated by articles 91 and 92 of the Constitution, if I'm not mistaken), and dealing with the fiscal imbalance are similar to the average Quebecker's views. Now, if you read Dubuc's editorials, you would know his positions go from just left of center, to way out in left field. I was delighted to read this centrist, common-sense article that cuts straight to the facts.
@) French language channel TQS has offered to televise the PM debating Duceppe, on "any street corner in Quebec, at any time" as Martin challenged Duceppe. Ironically, Duceppe accepted the challenge, and Martin's declined TQS offer. Guess who's said they'll go on TQS to debate Duceppe, here in Quebec? Lil' ol' Stephen Harper. From what Andrew's explained (below, in one of his posts on the debates) Martin had his ass handed to him by Duceppe in the French debates last year, so I'm not really surprised at the PM's reaction.
#) If Harper and Duceppe want it, I'll be glad to have them drop by my street corner and have it. We had 41 cm of snow here in Montreal last Friday, and given our mayor's terrible inefficiency, it's still there. It'll be a real, authentic Canadian setting, and I'll even make them lots o hot cocoa during the debate. Speaking of debates...
$) The Liberals keep dodging around with my requests to have Justice Minister and Mount-Royal MP Irwin Cotler join a candidates' debate I'd like to organize in the riding. The Green, NDP, and Conservative candidates have all agreed to participate, and I expect the Bloquiste to join the fun too, as soon as I can contact him (the phone number the Bloc HQ gave me is out of service, and the Bloc hasn't answered my email...). More details at my other blog:
%) With two Quebecker police officers dying tragically in the past coupla' days (one retired, from the RCMP, got shot in Haiti, the other also got killed, but I'm not quite sure how) I'd like to know what the leaders would do to strengthen the RCMP. Incidentally, it seems Harper's got a good idea with raising minimum sentences. One of the RCMP guy's catches was a big mob boss who was bringing in dope and laundering money, and he got out of prison (though his two brothers are still there.) I don't understand people ruining others' lives and being allowed back into society after a couple of years. I'd like to see minimum Life in Jail, nogetoutajailfreecard (IE good lawyers who get parole and/or deals for assholes), sentences for this kind of guy, who's causing havoc with society. The drug lords and mob bosses need to get busted, and stay busted.


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