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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Vancouver Debate: Part II

I’m finally awake again – it’s time to post another segment.

Issue 4: Immigration – What is your plan to stop discrimination against new highly educated immigrants? With respect to respecting degrees.

Duceppe: Education is a provincial responsibility; Ottawa needs to work with provinces to modify rules to ensure that trained people can do the jobs they are paid to do.

Layton: Another “getting something done or the record” speech. Attack on cuts to immigration startup program, did not offer any platform.

Martin: Program in place called “bridge to work” to help immigrants come in. Also believes Canadian government has a role in allowing immigrants to obtain Canadian work experience. Also called for language training.

Harper: Will setup Canadian agency for assessment of credentials to allow immigrants to obtain Canadian credentials without starting from scratch.

I think Harper won this won by a mile; Martin gave a speech about what they have done, but did not provide any idea of what he would do. Layton and Duceppe basically talked about what a big problem it was but did not offer solutions. This is our first clear cut winner this debate!

Winner: Harper

Issue 5: Accountability – Why should party leaders not be accountable for actions?

Martin: Talked about Gomery report and how Martin turned it over to the RCMP. Claimed Liberals formed lawsuits to recover funds lost. Essentially tried to save face.

Duceppe: Talked about how Martin expelled 10 members from the Liberal Party and how he paid back $300,000 of taxpayer’s money. Demanded Martin release names of people who received money.

Harper: “Only way for government be held accountable is to defeat it” – Again his fast act being the Federal Accountability Act to ensure scandals don’t happen again, limiting donations to parties to $1000, independent offices of Parliament and commissions etc. Also called for whistle blower protection.

Layton: Many Canadians have lost face in the democratic process. Another “vote NDP” message (what is that, 4 times in a half hour.) Called for removal of lobbyists.

Reaction to all leaders being called crooks: Everyone basically called for accountability. Everybody was shocked at being called crooks.

On the issue, I don’t think anyone really won; the only one to bring out policy was Harper, although he has touted the Accountability act too much to make an impact.

Issue 6: What would you do to stop “party hoping?”

Duceppe: Stated MP’s won’t be re-elected unless they leave for good reasons and people are not fooled.

Layton: NDP opposed to hopping, brought in legislation in the House to stop hopping, MP’s could only sit as an independent, not as a member of another party. “Elect NDP” message 5

Martin: MPs must be able to have a free vote and must be able to change if the party does not suit their views. A question for Harper on third party advertising and more.

Harper: Attacks to move MP’s were “bribes” – Conservatives have looked at various private members bills on the issue – stated that bill would give too much power to party leaders.

Issue 7: “Would you be willing to enforce legislation to ensure that an election promise would be executed reasonably within a fair period if time, if they did not, they must resign?”

Harper: Conservatives would implement changes immediately, suggested such a process would simply bog down in the courts.

Martin: Voters must punish voters who do not keep promises but it cannot be set in law. Suggested benchmarks in promises, suggested many Liberal promises met.

Layton: Agrees with Martin but an attack on Martin for breaking promises, turned into an attack on Martin. He was attacking Martin on broken promises that were slightly unreasonable. Brought up international aid issue how Bono was not supporting Martin. Guess what, Bono isn’t even Canadian, the Canadian people told Martin how to allocate funds, NOT a music star!!!

Duceppe: Another attack on the Liberals regarding Liberal changes to platform. It would be tough to bring in a timeframe, the situation changes too much.

Issue 8: “Do leaders have a plan to ensure that MP’s will get down to work?”

Layton: ANOTHER “vote NDP message!”

Harper: Some obligation for MP’s to work together. Talked about Conservative record was solid and then an attack on how the Liberals would not admit they had a minority.

Duceppe: “Bloc is open to ideas” – is it good for Quebec being the issue. Gave stats on voting record. Talked about when Quebec’s interests are at stake. What is this guy doing in a NATIONAL debate talking about Quebec’s issues?

Martin: It will work if party leaders want to make it work – the other party leaders are not willing to debate and work. “Let’s work together.”

Nobody really won this one, everyone gave the run around! Is it that hard of a question, it really was not that hard to answer?

Part III is coming up next with taxes and the economy on deck!


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