Decision Canada 2006

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Debate 2006 from Vancouver

Tomorrow, just a few kilometers from me, the leaders of 4 political parties (every major one but the Greens) will be engaged in Debate 2006. As you know, changes have been made to prevent this from becoming a shoutfest like last time.

The broadcasters producing this debate have thoughtfully decided to mute the other mics when someone is not scheduled to be speaking, much to the delight of our ears. Think about it, for once we will be able to hear what someone is saying instead of 4 voices giving us mumble jumble.

I will be liveblogging the debate tomorrow, check back for fequent updates as the debate progresses. In fact, the entire Decision Canada 2006 team will be watching and posting their thoughts as the debate progresses with lots of follow up coverage tomorrow.

If you want to catch the debate, it can be seen on just about any major tv network in Canada. Apparently, for the first year ever, the debate is also going to be broadcast in HD as it's showing up in my on screen guide as being on CBC-HD and CTV-HD in addition to the regular CBC and CTV channels.


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