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Friday, December 16, 2005

Ads: NDP hits LPC hits CPC hits BLOC hits LPC...GPC ignored

Ads in review: week 2.5
The CPC's french language Quebec ads (like there are french language ads elsewhere right?...) portray the Bloc as making a valiant effort to defend Quebec. The catch is that without power, the Bloc can't achieve anything, say the ads. For example, one of them portrays a sweating, fighting cyclist (the Bloc) and eventually fades to reveal a stationary bike. The other ad is boring and just features a woman (quebec as rep'd by the Bloc) talking without a mic, so no one can hear her. Incidentally, I just found this video called Momentum, and it's a collage of campaign footage. I noticed that in it, and elsewhere, Harper's smiling. It doesn't sound like much, but the media here have made a big issue of it.
It was cute, it got the point across and the French was proper and had a French accent, not an Anglo one.
Score one for the CPC
The Bloc, basically ignoring and discounting the CPC as a serious contender for any Quebec seats, has focused its energies on the Liberals. Some of it is informal advertising, like these videos of Jean Lapierre, which show the Liberal Cabinet minister back in his Bloc days. These not only attack the Liberals' integrity, but are also humorous in an ironic way, as one of the videos shows Lapierre lauding the separatists who always stayed true to the cause.
The Bloc radio ads are also highly likely to succeed. They parody a well-known French folk song that teaches little kids the days of the week, but substitutes the happenings of each day for scandals and problems with the Liberals, like tax evasion and being the worst at implementing Kyoto. Interestingly, the ads link Martin and Chretien, which might presage things to come in the Bloc's campaigning.
The Bloc's funny, and issue focused. Nice.
I tried to watch the Liberals' video ads, but they took forever to load, and I finally dropped the topic. I listened to Paul Martin's weekly radio addresses. The latest one attacks Harper's tax cuts as fluff that won't save Canadians anything substantive, while the Liberals will cut (if I understood this well; it sounded vague) middle Class Canadians. Martin's accent is a strange mix of Anglo and Franco, and he stumbles in a few places in his speech banning handguns. (You'd think that with the Liberals having experts find editing of the Grewal tapes, they could at least cut the stumbles out.)
At any rate, the speech is well-focused on the issues, though as I noted on my own blog, Centrerion, there are a few difficulties with this handgun ban promise (namely that handguns are already pretty much banned. Interesting ideas, but it's dry stuff, and there's a good handful of grey areas. For example, is there really a problem with Americans gun smuggling, or is he just playing to stereotypes of Americans as trigger-happy nuts?
I should point out, however, that there is an exception to the otherwise dry stuff: Martin's speechwriter has a blog, and he's Funny.
The NDP, for its part, has a series attacking the Liberals corporate tax cuts, referring to them as gifts to their well-connected friends. It's mostly funny, and Layton's also talking about the environment and such. "The Liberals promised to reduce pollution and yet pollution is up." Coming from this guy, it sounds credible, and it makes the point with some decent examples. Also, it's short and sweet, as opposed to the Libs' radio spots.
I notice they have very little in way of ads, and nothing specifically for Quebec...
I'll edit and add the Greens tomorrow, cuz I have to go now.


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