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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ads review #3.0

With 20 days to go, the ad wars are finally heating up.

Conservative: The "attack ads" have started - attacking the Liberals record. After a more or less issue focused set of ads, it is disappointing that the Tories have resorted to attack ads and I don't like attack ads. The latest of corruption scenes with negative sounds don't connect at all. */5

Liberal: The Liberals have been focusing on Martin and the record lately, it's on topic and non attacking. I think a little too much Martin droning on and a little less front line, the new set is far less effective than the "reasons to vote Liberal" set. ***/5

NDP: Layton talking about issues. The new set is a lot more on topic than the previous "give the Liberals the boot" attack ads but still are like the Liberals ads, the leader droning on. ***/5

Why can't we go back to something positive and not focusing on the party leader. The new ads suck, plain and simple.


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