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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Media Bias

Well, the CBC is likened to the BBC - few question the BBC on fair reporting. Well, in comparison to Fox News, the CBC is pretty non-partisan.
The following is a comment I posted on and I have reposted for Decision Canada's readership on bias.

The CBC does post some conservative articles, their blog watch seems to be fairly open minded. I haven't found a lot of bias out of the CBC, although I would not suggest any one voter use only one outlet for all of their news. CanWest has a slight Conservative bias, CTV is slightly Liberal.

Of course, with Harper being in the news constantly, it's hard to decide who is being biased and who is just reporting whet is on the wire.

So, for any well educated Canadian, take your news from a wide range of sources. has a pretty even set of blogs that seems to post an overall non-partisan approach to the news. Checkout Wikinews for some international coverage, although Wikinews does not have even the content of one of the daily freebie newspapers, it has some excellent commentary. Just don't use one source for all of your news and you will get a pretty open non-biased view.

And yes, I am telling you not to use this blog as your sole source of news because we don't post everything here, we don't have the resources of the mainstream media. Checkout other blogs, I read dozens a day, there's lots of great content there too!


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