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Friday, January 06, 2006

The NDP's "War on the Conservatives"

Today NDP Leader Jack Layton announced a crime policy that sounds an awful lot like the Conservative platform. With the NDP attempt now aiming strongly at Conservative voters giving slightly more right wing policies might win some votes but the question is, how do you do it without taking votes away from the Liberals, the NDP's obvious second next choice.

Unless of course, Layton wants a Conservative government in power for a few years so he can appear to be the "hero" for bring in leftish policies in comparison to what he perceives to be an "war on the working people". In essence, I think his anti strategic voting campaign will be the key factor if we see a conservative victory and it's possible that Canadians will blame him for it.

Just a (off topic) little rant, I'm sick of hearing this "working people" rant come out of unions and socialist political leaders. Most people are "working" - sure, some may be slightly more fiscally better off than others, but almost everyone "works." Let's cut that phrase because it makes me sick!


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