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Friday, January 06, 2006

An open letter to Jack Layton

I found this on the can.politics newsgroup and I think the author makes a lot of very valid points. As such, I have reposted it here for review and consideration.

Mr. Layton,

I am following with great interest the developments leading up to the
Election Day on January 23rd, 2006. While I will say that my voting
tendencies are leaning one direction, I have an open mind in terms of all
parties, and do not hesitate to comment for or against an idea that I have
great or little affinity towards.

For instance, please accept my congratulations on your comment proposing to
hold a by-election to allow the voters of a riding to decide the fate of a
member who, like Ms. Stronach, decides to change political parties in the
middle of a sitting government, for whatever reason. I was outraged when
this happened, and I'm not even one of her constituents. I can only imagine
what those of her constituents who voted for her because of her affiliation
with the Conservative Party of Canada, and not because of the candidate
herself, must have been thinking when she pulled this stunt.

Today, however, I am writing this open letter to you based on a statement
that you made in response to the possibility of working with a possible
Conservative Party of Canada minority government. It was reported that you
said that the Tories have little in common with the NDP and are "offside
with the views of a great majority of Canadians" on most issues.

My question to you is simple, how can you or your party make a claim that
another party is "offside with the views of a great majority of Canadians"
when that party is currently polling more than TWICE as much support as

This is not the first time that I have taken exception with an NDP MP
"speaking for Canadians". Previously, Mr. Svend Robinson took it upon
himself to speak in the name of the government of Canada while in Israel.
With all due respect, sir, it is my belief that only the party forming the
government of Canada should be speak in the name of the government of
Canada. If, one day, the New Democratic Party of Canada should form the
government, I will stand by my countrymen and women's choice and the
government they elected, but right now, your party does not seem like the
viable alternative it claims to be, and I believe that instead of spins and
comments that are aimed to give the country a false impression of your
popularity, perhaps it would be more authentic to work towards gaining such
a popularity and level of support before claiming it exists.


Mark G. (signed anonymously as it is being posted in an internet newsgroup.)
Montreal, Quebec.


  • That's right! Montrealers making good points!
    Svend Robinson's an IDIOT, and a THIEF. When you want to speak for a majority of Canadians, Jack, don't consider what's politically expedient (having Svend back because he's popular in his riding, voting for the Liberal budget, voting down the government, accusing the Liberals of causing homeless deaths...). Consider that we respect honest politicians with integrity. Hate to break it to you, but reading this post made me realize just how little you actually speak for me. Ironically, your candidate in Mount-Royal, Mr. Nicolas Thibodeau, was a consideration in my voting until now.
    You'll never be PM Jack, and certainly no one from the NDP will be until you and the NDP show you're a bunch of straight shooters.

    By Blogger lecentre, at 4:35 PM  

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